Matt Robinson is a singer/songwriter with several hundred original compositions. A multitalented musician who can play numerous instruments, Matt is poised to break into the music scene with his unique and upbeat blend of rock and pop.

Matt formed a rock band at the age of 12 and has been performing and writing ever since. Matt has played at the Revolution Club in Ft. Lauderdale as well as various other venues including Douglass Corner in Nashville. Matt just released 3 new singles including See The World With Me. His first studio album, Picking Up Time, is available on iTunes.

Matt has worked with accomplished musicians including Dan Warner and Lee Levin.

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Picking Up Time

Picking Up Time is Matt’s debut studio album. This energetic upbeat album features a broad range of song selections including pop rock, ballad and reggae. With sound incorporating both electric and acoustic elements, these songs feature contagious melodies delivered with Matt’s distinctive vocal style.


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